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Pastures for Lease

Our farm is set atop 11 acres of beautiful grassland. We have had horses, cows, alpacas, and more stay at our farm. If you are interested in visiting us to see if our land works to house your creatures just send us an email or give us a call. We would be happy to give you a tour and go over pricing details.  


Herbs and Produce for Sale

Please click the link below to be directed to our store where we offer a variety of herbs, spices, produce, and other products.  


Alpacas Available for Breeding

We have four alpacas that are available for breeding,  there are three Suri alpacas and one Huacaya alpaca. Marmalade is one of our White alpacas who gave birth about a year ago to Tiara Rose. Our other three alpacas are named Thea, Ju Ju Bee, and Spirri. If anyone is interested in breeding with one of our girls please either email or call for more information.  


Meat/Livestock for Purchase

None available at this time as of 3/17/21. Occasionally there will be meat and/ or livestock available for purchase. Please email or call with any further questions.  

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