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Meet The Farm Animals

Sam profile.jpg


Sam is our 2 year old livestock guardian dog. He is a gentle giant that protects all of the animals on the farm – keeping the coyotes on the run.  He is a sweet lovable boy who loves to play keep away and bask in the sun. 



Blondie is the matriarch of the farm at 9 years old.  She has retired from laying but still rules the roost.  



Brian said no more dogs… and then came Fozzie Bear.  Foz is a 9 year old labradoodle who loves to play throw-the-ball every night.  He is also a great empath and we consider him our uncertified, unofficial therapy dog.   



This is our mama bear. Her baby is Tiara Rose and she is more reserved but very friendly. 


The Flock

The rest of the flock consists of 2 Icelandic “Icies,” 4 Blue Sapphire Plymouth Rock, 3 Dominant Copper, 2 Ameraucanas, 1 Buff Orpingtons, and 1 Gold Sex Link 

Juju Bee.jpg

Juju Bee

This beautiful girl is our rarest breed. Her color is called "Rose Gold". She has wonderful marbling on her face as well. 

dutch close up.jpg


Duchess is a smokey sweetheart. She loves to cuddle with her favorite person, Lu An, especially during morning coffee. Her other favorite activities are chasing hair ties and hiding in the warm clean laundry. 

Dirty Rory.jpg


Princess Aurora “Rory” is a 6 year old English Cream Goldendoodle.  Rory is an active girl who loves to play in the water and especially mud. Sam is her BFF and they get into all kinds of trouble together. Rory is our fluffy mud monster and we wouldn’t want it any other way!



Wooster is the big man of the house.  What Wooster says, goes and all the other critters know it. Even so, he is the sweetest boy who loves to sit in the sunshine, play with pipe cleaners and oversee all activity. 

elsa face.jpeg


Elsa, a maremma sheepdog, is the newest addition to the farm. She is Sam`s partner in crime and is currently in training to help protect the farm. 

lollipop .jpeg


Lollipop is one of the three Nigerian Dwarf Goats we have added to the menagerie. She is a sweet soul who loves snack and the slide. When you visit the farm you will most likely see her running up and down the slide!



Clementine is one of the three Nigerian Dwarf Goats we have brought onto the farm. She is the sweetest of the bunch. If your looking for a calm snuggle bug, she is your girl.

Belle photo.jpeg


Belle is another Nigerian Dwarf Goat. She is the spunky one of the group. You will catch her doing lots of jump twirls, yelling for pets, and if you sit right she might even try to walk on your back.  



Thea a black suri and is in her mid to late teen years, but don't worry she still has lots of spunk. Thea used to be on a strict diet before coming to Terra Bella, so now she is the snack queen. When you see her at farm tours she will be the first one there ready for treats and the last to leave. 



Spirri is our one and only Huacaya alpaca making her much fluffier than her flock sisters. Spirri was also rescued and is in her mid to late teen years. 

Tiara Rose.jpg

Tiara Rose 

Tiara Rose is our youngest Suri alpaca at 3 years old, the daughter of Marmalade. She is by far the most curious alpaca we have. She will always be the first to explore. We are excited to have her and possibly get some beautiful baby alpacas from her. 


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Coming Soon


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